Hi there, I'm Reikie

I'm a young vibrant Woman and spirit who was born in Denmark 33 Summers ago. As I am studying to become an Astrologer, it is always my pleasure to share that aspect of life and myself: I'm Cancer Sun, Taurus Rising and Sagittarius Moon - what about you? :D
Since the age of 23 I have traveled the world, seeking adventures, discovering myself and the world through visiting different countries, cultures and self-studying Psychology and Communication and Astrology, and practicing modalities such as yoga Thai Massage, and the art of Circling.
I spent the first couple of years of my twenties studying at the University but quickly realized that I was done with the traditional school system and that my heart ached for EXPERIENCE.. I had spent 12 years in school already, when was LIFE gonna start?!
I wanted to LIVE, to EXPLORE, to SEE, to FEEL and HEAL, and to STUDY IN REAL LIFE, not through books and by sitting in class and by writing assignments to repeat and reflect about whatever some philosopher once said ..

So with a heart full of wonder and determination for exploration, and a lot of unresolved trauma from a harsh upbringing, I began my travels in 2013. Travels which soon became my way of finding home to myself, the nomadic life became my lifestyle, and being away from Denmark helped me redefine myself and heal my traumas in many ways. Traveling became my own personal study - a study of life itself, psychology, communication, and human interaction. And many more skills I have developed and never would be without <3

I've always managed to fund my travels, with little savings from my jobs in Denmark or by facilitating workshops on the road. But over and over again, the point came where my savings ran out, which forced me to return to Denmark to work!

This was my pattern for yeears. I dreamt of becoming a Digital Nomad, but I had no idea where to find the skills and what to sell? I didn't feel like a sales(wo)man! I don't know how to set up a system to sell anything online. How to make an email list .. Gosh, there were so many questions, so many skills I had no idea where to learn!! It seemed overwhelming to me, that I let that thought go over and over..
Until I found a course that taught me all I needed to know about Affiliate Marketing and how to get started from absolute scratch!

A course that supported me with the necessary tools to get started and set up my Online Business. A course that pointed out my blockage with being open to receiving abundance and believing in my worth and what is possible in life..!

. . .

After being in Denmark for almost 3 years since Covid hit, it was time for me to hit the road again!
I quit my stable job as a Flight Attendant in February 2023 and embarked on my new unknown adventure ..

But this time I wanted to do it differently!

Something had changed and a newfound determination to start looking for options to wok Online was strong I set my intention for finding the right tools and in the very right moment I left in April, I found the course I was looking for!

Legendary taught me everything I needed to know to start and set up the Online Business of my dreams and it all started with this 15 day challenge which I highly recommend you check out to see for yourself!

I also created this Free Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing to help bring some clarity, inspiration and motivation for the opportunities in the Online Business world <3

Let me help you get started!

You are curious about starting your own Online Business, but you don't know how or where to start?
Like me, you're overwhelmed by all the different information available and choices of platforms to choose from and not sure how to set everything up to run automatically!

This makes you overwhelmed and de-motivated to get going ..

I totally get it, I was there less than a year ago!

Let me offer you a helping hand and a link to a 15-day challenge where it all started for me!

The greatest gift you can give to yourself, is your ability to let go

This quote came to me early on my first solo travel back in 2013 and has been an important reminder, in times when I felt stuck in my comfort zone or too afraid of the unknown.

On my first big travel, when I backpacked for 8 months around Asia, I realized how many new opportunities and new ideas came to me, once I dared to let go of my fixed ideas of how I wanted things to unfold.

It was when I let go of the "pair of glasses" I perceived the world through:
Then my dreams became clear to me, opportunities came flowing and I started to dream big and believe in the impossible!
And then magic happened, downloads of information and inspiration and life gracefully unfolded for me in ways I could not even imagine 😍

When we hold on to identities, opinions, and ideas of what we are capable of, who and what we are etc. - we block ourselves for opportunities coming our way.

When we surrender and start believing in our dreams, we open ourselves up for change and allow the universal flow and gifts to enter our lives!

This unlocks greater potential and helps us reach our dreams and manifest anything we desire into our realities

to open yourself up for endless possibilities
and the Universal gift of adundance

Are you ready to start
your own journey?