Daring to take the first step!

I know the unknown can be scary! But taking the first step and investing in yourself - is the first step towards realizing your dreams! Dream BIG! You deserve it and you are worth it ♡

Reikie Rose

1/23/20234 min read

I know the unknown can be scary!
Even SO scary that we find ourselves living the same days over and over and over again, even though we wake up unhappy and go to bed unfulfilled!

I know this feeling and I've been there!

It can feel SO scary, not knowing what's ahead of us, that we don't even dare to take the first step and change our lives, even though we so truly desire it!

We can become so comfortable in our set lives with our fixed job, stable salary, and a safe nest to return home to every day, that we don't dare to leave our comfortable life and daily routine.
But we KNOOW there is more to life than what we are currently living, more to be seen, more to experience, more to realize and more to share!

But HOW can we take the first steps to change such a comfortable set life, to go live an unknown future on the road in a backpack?

Well, the easy answer is:


The more complex answer, which will make it easier to take the first steps,
I will help break it down for you here:

I have done this big move several times in my life and people always
tell me I'm so lucky!

To me, it's not about luck!

  • It's about taking a decision and sticking to it!

  • It's about letting go of a life you know doesn't serve you any longer,
    and holding on to that dream, belief, and trust in a better future!

  • It's about tuning into your bravery and trust in yourself.

  • About following your heart's call to explore and live LIFE to its fullest,

  • instead of regretting all the things you never did when you are on your dead bed!

I know the last statement is hard, but it's true! So many old people are asked what they regret most: not exploring and traveling enough - and not daring to go for their dreams.

Go for IT!
I believe in YOU <3

I know the first steps can seem scary, so I've made a list of suggestions to help you get started on your preparation:

Some safe steps to take to go for a life as a full-time traveler:

  • Start by finding a destination that feels safe for you to start your travels - it can be a place that you've been before briefly or a place you have friends to visit or a community or a retreat you will visit or participate in, so you can start your big new adventure feeling familiar with the place you start. This is a great way to start and once you have taken the first big step and are out of your comfort-zone, it all becomes easier with choosing your next destination!

  • Start by traveling for 2 months as a minimum on your first big trip - or longer if it feels right. To see if life on the road is for you - which it IS in so many cases - to then return to your home and prepare for living full-time on the road. This can feel safer - to know you have a return plan, and don't leave it all being in your first big go.

  • Have enough savings or become a digital nomad(?)! - when traveling only with your savings, you can be traveling for so long. Or you can start a location-independent job as you go along to make your dream life come true! (Not sure where to start -> I'll help you! CLICK HERE)

    • To live purely on savings, with no job at hand when you leave, can only have you traveling for so long. Maybe opportunities will arise for you along your travels - on my first big one-way ticket travel from 2017 - 2020 I taught acroyoga, yoga, facilitated Women's Circles, volunteered in exchange for food and accommodation, and sold jewelry along my travels. I would have to work with cleaning and childcare in Australia and Switzerland and return to Denmark for a month or 2 to save enough money to go travel for a few months more. This was hard and the contrast of the 2 worlds (traveling and work) was making me sick due to the stress of the intense jobs.
      When Covid happened, there were no more tourists to teach and I returned home to Denmark.

    • To live and travel full-time as a Digital Nomad is a perfect opportunity to combine an adventurous life and still feel safe knowing you have an income to keep you going!
      Becoming a Digital Nomad has always been a dream of mine, but I never knew where to start or how to find the right teachers to teach me the skills to pursue this dream!
      Now I found the most amazing couple, who is teaching me all I need to know about affiliate marketing and how to thrive online, and I just couldn't be more grateful and excited!
      Jade and Kev and their program and online teaching is not only practical and tangible for a beginner like me, but they also focus on the energetic, psychological, and spiritual aspect of marketing, which have helped me to grow as a human being, acknowledging my pattern and relationship to money as well helping me to break free of my own limiting beliefs of what I believe is possible to achieve in life!

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and start your own journey as a Digital Nomad,
being free of financial worries once you take the big step: CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions for me, never hesitate to contact me, I am happy to share my story with you

Good luck and all the best,

Reikie ❤️