Thank You from your future Self

Your future Self is thanking you ❤️

It all starts with an intention.
A thought!
Then intended aligned action

And suddenly you look back at your life, thinking.. WOW, I am here, I did it! <3

With intention and thought, we can create and generate a feeling.
We can utilize this thought into an emotion that becomes energy in motion (= (e)motion) - a frequency, with which we tune into creating and attracting what we intended!

Our emotions motivate us and give us reasons to take action in life.
When we do repetitive actions, our actions become our habits.
Conscious intentional habits together with a grateful and abundant emotional mindset, can create and attract magic and wonders.

And with that energy .. we attract what we send out into the world!

This is manifestation!

To have a dream, idea, vision or intention and allow it to be embodied and anchored through you - so that it shows up physically in your life!

Our thoughts are powerful.

So let's use them to our advantage <3

The universe is ultimately responding to what we think and how we feel!
So to have taken the time to be conscious of what you truly wish for yourself in this life will help you get closer to your dreams.

If we ask someone for directions, they can only help us,
if we tell them the destination we want to reach?!

The same goes for manifesting what we want in life!

How can we attract a better life, if we don't know what that 'better life' looks like for us? Feels like for us?

We often talk about wanting more out of life, traveling more, living a better life, more money, nourishing relationships, a healthier lifestyle, a fit body etc. ..

But if we haven't sat down to reflect on WHAT that exactly means for us, it's hard to get any closer to attracting those things.

That's why I created this 2024 Manifestation Sheet.
To help you get started clarifying what you want to manifest and attract in different areas of your life.

The Sheet should have landed in your inbox already.
Feel free to re-write and add questions as you feel inspired to <3

Enjoy and Happy Manifesting! ✨

With Love

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